Jagadai Iriq


RaceAu Ra - Xaela
TribeIriq (adopted)
BirthplaceThe Azim Steppe
LanguagesAuri, Passable Eorzean and Hingan
Current ResidenceUl'dah
GenderMale - he/him
Primary OccupationIdiot, Blacksmith
Secondary OccupationHandyman
Personalitykindhearted, excitable, kinda stupid, a little loud and blunt
Height / Weight7'6" / muscled
Body Typemesomorphic
OrientationHomosexual (masc pref)
Home ServerZalera


Working outdoors (carpentry, fishing)
Traveling & Exploring
Friendly sparring


Restrictive clothing
Unkind / coldhearted individuals
Cold weather


Standing at about seven foot five inches tall, Jagadai is tall, even for a male Au ra. Despite this, because of his general demeanor and mood he doesn't usually cut an imposing figure unless you're an easily spooked Lalafell. His build is on the muscular side of average with a toned chest and trim waist. Being a Xalea, Jagadai's scales are a dark bluish-black hue speckled of dark, deep red at the ends of random scales and the tips of his horns. His tail is on the shorter end, well under average for his age.

Jagadai almost always carries himself in a manner that's easy and carefree, his body language expressive but rarely angry or aggressive in most situations. There's almost always some kind of easy grin on his face even when he's hard at work. His limbal rings are a bright yellow gold color, brighter even than the actual color of his eyes, a darker honey gold. His hair is a dark blue fluffy mess with paler highlights, kept short and usually cut by himself when he has the time.

Because of his enthusiastic participation in the Naadam when he still lived with his tribe, Jagadai sports a myriad of scars, though most are heald over and light. One scar stretches from his collarbone and over his shoulder, dragging across to the opposite shoulder blade. This one is raised, and clearly newer than the rest. Where it crosses over the scales they too appear damaged, but regrowing.


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Service Top
2 whole pp.
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✦ I am open to all sorts of RP! General, Mature, Dark, ERP are all okay. I am generally the most interested in romance, but will not turn down female characters if you want other kinds of storylines! Just talk to me.

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